Finally Fall!

Yesterday was the first day of Fall and y’all know this is my season!

Bring on the crisp, chilly wind, the chunky knits, fly coats and suede boots. I’m just getting excited at the mere thought.

I’ve kinda been on a spending freeze lately, but i think i’ll bring myself out of a “no-buy zone” for a new luxury bag and some boots.

Every girl into fashion and style would attest to saying- Fall is for FASHUN!

So on to this skirt fabulous faux leather Midi skirt from H&M ….


This camel tone screams Fall and that’s all I needed see to buy it.

(Plus it was the last one, so i took that as a sign LOL)

 I wanted to create a monochrome look with this skirt, so I opted for this lightweight cardigan in the same color family, also from H&M ( here ).

Any way, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that H&M has some great options for leather skirts : midi or mini.

Option 1

Option 2

I also see they also have an abundance of satin skirts too!

See the ones i’m eyeing here:

Satin Skirt


If you missed out on the ZARA options during the Spring, head over to H&M neeeeooow!

I know i’m not the only pumped for crockpot meals, pumpkin spice everything, and good fashion….

So what are you excited about most for Fall?




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