Issa Vibe

Bag: DIOR ; Heels: Villa Rouge from ShopBop ; Sunnies: LOEWE

It’s something about wearing ALL white in summer. It just creates a vibe, right! 😉

To keep it completely honest with y’all, I’ve been in a little rut as it pertains to really enjoying my summer as I’d planned several months ago. Because of this pandemic, we can all say our plans have been cancelled.

So an effort to channel what I would’ve worn if I were in Europe, prancing around on an afternoon for brunch (or even dinner)…I decided to wear this. I’m low key depressed even thinking about not being in Italy…. 😦 

Anyhoo, a tube top is comfortable and effortless- always. So i threw that on along with my favorite high-waisted GAP jeans and my Dior belt bag and here we are.

Y’all I love these jeans so so much! They’re stretchy, highwaisted, with a sexy front button detail.

I had my seamstress take in the waist to be more custom to mine and the fit is perfection.  

I will link them because they are still available with a discount code.

GAP always has a promo going on, so i say grab a pair just to keep. 


Also for summer, if i can recommend anything else, i will highly recommend investing in a Panama Hat. This kind of hat is literally the one accessory that can set off the simplest of outfits! GIRRRRRL! And if you’re having a bad hair day…FIXED!

Do you can see here how it tied together perfectly with my tube top and jeans?

You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t cute this day! 🙌🏾

Stay tuned for more outfits I’ll be recreating for y’all that I’ll never get to wear on vacation. Because I’ll be home for the rest of 2020 😂

How are you handling this crazy ass year we’ve been in AKA 2020?! I’m over it all!!

I’m just keeping real lol!

Oh and you can find the sandals I’m wearing HERE 





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