Black-Owned & Coffee Grown

Well well well… it’s been a while since I’ve composed a blog post for you guys.

I hope you this post finds you well.

Firstly let me just say…Black people didn’t JUST ARRIVE yesterday!

Let me repeat- Black people didn’t just arrive yesterday! Black Lives Matter is not a moment, but a movement.

 And judging by from what we’re seeing day in and day out, you’d think that that was the case. The insurmountable level of support happening in the wake of several awful tragedies of police brutality is no accident. George Floyd’s death was felt around the world and it was the catalyst for Change. His death created a ripple effect that left most people screaming in unison ‘enough is enough’!

So now with all the protests, the petitions, the reposts and the donating…it still doesn’t feel adequate! It’s all considered awareness, but there’s more call to action that can be made.

With that said, we all have a part to DO!

There’s a conversation to be had, a book to be read, a documentary to watch and Google has always been super free. Admittedly, I’ve learned even more history within the last few weeks than I have in two college level courses. The history of Black slavery and social injustice toward my black race in this world is by no happenstance. It IS a problem. There is a disparity. 

Choosing to infuse your dollars back into businesses/establishments that are black owned is a way that will bring success, growth and wealth equally. 

Yesterday I was craving some coffee so I decided to visit Franny Lou’s Porch here in Philly, a black owned coffee shop. 

The name Franny Lou is comes from combining two names of influential black women from the Civil Rights movement- Fannie Lou Hamer & Frances E.W. Harper. 

The menu items each have a unique name that reflects a black trailblazer in history, I loved seeing that! 

I’ve now developed a list of more black owned coffee houses i want to visit…



Below are a list in Philly

Franny Lou

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee and Books

Bower Cafe

Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse


Below are a list in NYC (*primarily in Brooklyn)

Lip Cafe

Brooklyn Perk Coffee

Coffee Spot Cafe

Breukelen Coffee House

Brooklyn Tea

The Council Cafe


Click this DOCUMENT a complete curated list of black owned restaurants in NYC that i discovered on the net during my research. KUDOS to whoever created this! 

In closing, BLM is not a moment, it is a movement. A movement that is NOW. So continue doing, acting and standing up for equality within the black community. 

I hope you bookmark some of these shops. I will update more as they are discovered, because I know there’s MANY more out there!



thank you for reading!




  • Please remember to remain safe by practicing social distancing and wearing a protective facial mask when visiting all establishments as per directed by the CDC. 


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