Men’s Blazer, My Way

It’s Fall season 2019 y’all and oversized men’s blazers are everywhere! I see them on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Its a must have, versatile piece you should own. However, you don’t have to splurge on this trend to take part in it.

I found this blazer on clearance at Saks earlier this year in the Men’s section and it achieved the look perfectly.


In all honesty, I could’ve found a similar blazer at my local thrift store and I would suggest you go there too.

I swear there are some hidden gems right in the men’s section of your Goodwill. You’d be surprised at what classic outwear you’ll find. But you’re gonna have to try things on. (This is the skeevy part). But it’s all worth it when you find 4-5 blazers only paying 10$ total for them, right?!

This look can be easily recreated, affordably.

So, do you think this trend will last or will it only be for a moment?

Thanks for reading!



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