Red Rivalry: The Classic Red Lip

You can never go wrong with wearing RED! Especially, a red lip, right?

Red is such powerful color and says a lot about the women wearing it.

You betta go find yourself a red color girl!

No, but seriously, finding a red lip shade that’s suitable for you can be overrrrrewheling, because there’s so many! And so many brands. Ugh!

If you’re a Warm, cool, or neutral tone… blue, orange, or pink reds… the list is endless. But guess what? This means it’s time to go play in some makeup at Sephora or ULTA.

For me, my skin tone is cool, so blue-based red shades do me so good :), like the one pictured above by Milani Cosmetics called ‘Red Label’.

If you haven’t already- I highly recommend trying Milani’s Color Statement range because they’re all creamy, light weight and they last very long on the lips. psssst….I have several! Lol!

Where to buy:


And trust me, when a lipstick, lip stain (or gloss) can last on my lips with minimal reapplication- I’m sold!

My Top 3 Reds:

  • MAC ‘Russian Red’
  • MILANI ‘Red Label’
  • Mary Kay ‘Radiant Red’ (discontinued)



So is wearing a red lip your thing ?…or not?

Thanks for reading,



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