From Barre to Brunch

Listen, I’m a woman on the move…so when you can go straight from Barre class to Brunch in stylish workout wear, then you know you I’m super hype!

I wore this set on Saturday to run errands all over the place, and I felt so comfortable and chic. 

I love that the leggings stayed in place all day!

Because it’s nothing more annoying than having to keep “hiking up” your tights. UGH!

But lets be honest, I love it when my workout pieces can carry me right into my daily errands or to a brunch date… I mean who doesn’t like cute workout clothes?

In my opinion, all athleisure wear should be as comfortable, stylish and affordable as what @fabletics has going on right now!

You take a quick style quiz (as a new customer)  that will match you with fun pieces in your style aesthetic.

 So go get matched and let @fabletics keep you moving in some style.

Don’t you just love workout gear that’s both sustainable and stylish?

Thanks to Fabletics for sponsoring this post.


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