Tips for Building Personal Style

I think creating your signature look can be intimidating AND overwhelming. We live in a society where there is an underlying pressure to “look” like someone else or even have what someone else has. So in essence, your personal style may be a “recreation” of someone elses- which is fine. Just make the look your OWN.

Doing that can be much less worrisome when you have simple tips to help establish that from the top. These tips I think will put you in the right mind set in remembering at least one, if not all! 🙂


To me a strong wardrobe foundation will serve as the building blocks to your personal style. So think Jeans and T-shirts… these items are typically called “basics”. I have a ton of black, white and grey t-shirts and two pair of great fitting jeans. these base items will serve as the perfect starting point.



Invest in your appearance. A great coat, blazer, or bag will elevate any look without you even trying. But please know, coming across any piece of clothing that will maintain its value (cost per wear) season after season may be hard to come by. Just be patient and when you find it, pull the trigger if you can.

Items I’ve Invested In:




Classic black pumps

Little Black Dress



Get your clothing tailored. Period!  Find a great seamstress/ tailor, develop a relationship with them so that they know you. It’s literally the easiest way to guarantee that every outfit will look amazing.



The goal is to create personal style, DON’T become a slave to trends.

Women often associate “fashion” with “style,” but really they are completely TWO different things. This confusion often results in women thinking that style is superficial and materialistic because of the pressure to be trendy- WRONG! But really, personal style is all about creating an everyday look and identity that is curated to your personal taste and lifestyle. A personal sense of style is not influenced by the fluctuating tides of fashion.



Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid of something new!

Give any something new a try for one wear—if you really hate it, rethink it. Style should make you feel good about yourself, give yourself the freedom to open to create what speaks to you. Style should be fun and expressive.

Life is too short for you not to wear that crop top boo!


I hope at least one of these tips help you. Again, these are ideas that’s helped guide in creating a wardrobe I love!

thanks for reading!





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