One Good Pair

If you see me out on the weekends, you can almost assume I could be wearing something similar to this – a cute oxford shirt and my FAVORITE skinny jeans!

I swear, all ONE GOOD PAIR OF JEANS IS ALL YOU NEED in your wardrobe.

My favorite right now is by PAIGE denim!! They my EVERY crevice! Lol!

*not sponsored*

No, but seriously, I can’t rave enough about how amazing they fit my every curve! 

And I’ve put on some weight recently, they still hug me just right. I’m so happy they do.

I wear a size 30/31 in jeans and searching for denim is hard enough…but when you find the right brand that suits your frame- jackpot!!

I recommend the following brands for tall girls with curves too…

  • Joes Jeans
  • H&M
  • Zara

*Make sure the material has ‘Elastane’. 1-3% is a good amount to guarantee optimal stretch.

*Make sure there is no “grab” room in the crotch.

*If you like skinny jeans and you’re curvy or tall-curvy, search for high-waisted styles to elongate your frame and slim down the hip.

These are the tips I follow when im looking for a new pair of denim to add to my collection. I hope this helps you too!  


What I wore:

PAIGE ‘Hoxton’ High Waist Denim

I’m loving these:

PAIGE ‘Hoxton’ Slim


thanks for reading!





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