A Chic Moment

Shirt: Target // Skirt: GAP

Would you believe it if I told you this shirt was borrowed from my husband’s old pile to donate?

HOLD UP!!!…I’m telling you the truth. He was able to throw this thing away. I snatched it right up.

Wearing your man’s old shirts and re-working them into your wardrobe is genius. It add a certain juxtaposition to your look.

See how oversized it is? That what I love most about menswear. The cuts are different and the garment will lay different on the female frame.

So if you want to look chic and stylish without the effort, I’d head over to the mens section at the nearby Target and pick up a men’s shirt (size 16-16.5) in a basic color to wear with your fav jeans for a very easy weekend look.

OR, try your local thrift store and try-on a few for super cheap. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

In my opinion its so worth it and oh so chic and easy.

Remember, an oversized button up shirt can be worn as a cute cover-up  too!

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How would you wear a men’s shirt?




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