Remember Why You Started

Hey Guys,

So I wanted to come at you with a different kind of blog post entry.

This one- a little more personal.

So after seeing something posted on Instagram over the weekend I had to write this. It made me think LONGGGGG and hard about my own place in social media and blogging….

It started after I saw this one “influencer’s” rant about NOT RECEIVING support on her sponsored content that had me really ask myself  this…:

“Self, Do you remember why you started?”

I asked this specific question because after reading her rant it dawned on me that Instagram has not only become a place where everything has become monetized, it’s also become a place where it’s given individuals this false illusion that a large number of followers will equal engagement and engagement will equal $$$$$! which is simply NOT THE CASE!

 Granted, for some, posting sponsored content can be how some pay their bills. I get it all too well. But honeyyyyyyy, come on! You may not have what SALLY has, nor will she have what you have. But that’s where we are all unique. You have to swallow that sour pill!  You can’t base your growth on the next female who is doing the same thing as you.  That’s falling into the ‘Comparison Trap’… (that’s a different story). So I digress…

That said, never in a million years would I expect for this “influencer” to cop a STINKY attitude with her followers who have not commented or liked her post because “the companies are watching”. Since her organic following didn’t respond in an “appropriate way” she went off! Listen I was stunned, with my jaw dropped to floor. And in my humblest opinion, it was very classless and tacky for her to respond that way.

‘Do you Remember why you started?’

If you see that your engagement is lacking (or has been for a while), why not go back to the drawing board? Revamp creatively, rethink, RENEW?  When did we think it was okay to bash our supporters for not “liking” a sponsored picture?

‘Do you Remember why you started?

Instagram has become a such popularity contest. And gone are the days of having fun and posting what ever you want. I must admit, I’ve invested in a high performing camera so that I can produce a higher quality content. I adore style and the community it brings. So I figured who not invest into something I love doing. But don’t let that distract from the fact that I still know that Instagram is all smoke and mirrors. If you’ re not mentally equipped to handle the constant materialism being forced down your throat, expect for it AND you to be eaten alive and spat out.

This can create a viscous cycle and you can be rethinking your entire existence over wanting “things”.


What happened to the fun? What happened to the connectivity?

Don’t let social media strip you of what you came to do- to connect with like minded individuals such as  yourself on something you love. For me, that’s style, literature, faith and lifestyle products. This world is soooo large and your impact can be so great, OR have we forgotten that based off of A FEW likes and follows.

‘So, Do you Remember why you started?

I write all this to ask….


have those reasons left you all for the quick satisfaction of a few hundred or thousand likes could garner you? If those things disappeared would you rethink your purpose?

That one influencer should not have bashed her followers for something that is voluntary to begin with. I never “expect” people to like or comment on my content, but they do- which I couldn’t appreciate enough! But understanding that people are human is common sense, and therefore, expect that a response could be varying.

Always remember why you started and I guarantee no amount of likes will change your purpose to keep going, keep creating, keep pushing and to be APPRECIATIVE of whatever response you receive.


As always thank you for reading!





3 thoughts on “Remember Why You Started

  1. I always go back to reflect why I’m blogging. Sometimes, I get caught in my own emotions and think to chill out. But… someone will randomly reach out about how happy they were to have found my SM accounts, some were MS Warriors that saw my videos! I was blown away. Then, that’s what I said, ok Nik, this is bigger than YOU!
    Great post!

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    1. I agree! Keep going no matter what and don’t get caught up in the temporary fluff of numbers. It’s not what’s it’s about. Receiving random messages thanking you is what it’s about 🙂
      And thanks Queen! It was something I needed to relay to everyone- always remember why! Xo!

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