Traces of Plaid

November is here!! That means the holidays are around the corner!

Daylight Savings time is tonight, so yeah, bring on the Christmas carols.

I almost forgot to post this outfit here to the blog. My brain is a little off these last few days.

I twisted my lower back in a fluke way getting out of the car this week. Now I’m on muscle relaxers and a heating pad for the rest of the weekend- doctors orders.

Anyway, I picked this coat up at Zara a few weeks ago while in store, and it’s been a complete hit! I’ve only worn a few times and each time I’m asked about it.

It’s a statement for real, for real!

Found Here

Zara always knows how to do chic, comfortable outerwear each season. So I’m always first in line for a new piece.

Have you check out their new Fall/Winter range? They have LOADS & LOADS of great pieces for this season that will carry you right into 2019 stylin’. So YOU SHOULD click the link below, if you haven’t yet! Because You’re missing out!

Zara Online

Side note:

Have you ever felt like you’re in a creative funk? Well, That’s me currently. I’m really soul searching as I’m not sure where I’m going in re: to content purposes. but I guess that’s natural and I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon!

HAPPY Saturday!



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