Faux Fur Biker Jacket

Hey guys!

This bomber was on sale from H&M for $30! Yes, $30!

Marked down from $129. During a random trip to H&M in August I saw it. I was in LITERAL shock because normally that kind of a markdown could be a mistake. But I checked and nope- no mistake!!

Ya girl ran to the cash register lol!

Here I styled it with my favorite dress pants which already have a stylish open front split hem. They’re from H&M too!

And of course, a graphic T-shirt from Zara.

Listen, biker jackets can be quite masculine by nature which can be great for most casual occasions but sometimes you have to soften it up with feminine details.

I tried to keep it as feminine as possible with this look that can transition from brunch to night time drinks. I just would switch out my heels for a cute pair of trainers.  

I’m actually thinking of wearing this jacket again with some distressed jeans and a white Oxford with heeled mules for a day date.


Don’t forget to shop the clearance rack at your favorite stores! I gravitate to the sale section.

There’s no shame in it! And who knows, you might just come across a gem like this.

I’ve linked some of my favorites below:






Thanks for reading!



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