Just a Girl and her Book

Boots: Marc Fisher ‘Fancee’ // Bag: YSL ‘Sac Du Jour’

Hey luvs!

Another day, another dolla right!

I wanted to spotlight this cozy, soft off the shoulder sweater from H&M.

H&M nailed it again with this nicely woven knit for winter. It’s lightweight, soft and VERY flattering. Accentuating the most delicate part of a women- her neck and shoulders.

I grabbed mine on sale at $10. But it’s already originally priced affordably for $24.99. With new colors available.

Check it out here.

On another note, who else is ready Michelle Obama’s memoir ‘BECOMING‘?

I’m loving every word and on every page. She’s the epitome of grace and style to me. She will always be a symbol and voice for all black girls and women in general that your dreams will come true. Stay true to them and yourself. .

Many may not know this, but I’m such a bookworm. I LOVE READING!

Its nothing like curling up with a great read while at home, on vacation or on your daily commute. Its always been my things. I love the use of the English language. Reading and words are so powerful to me. I find power in how you use your words.

Am I weird?

I can’t wait to see her on 11/29.


thanks for reading!




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