Reebok Pure Movement

Good Morning Luvbugs!

I’m not sure if you remember, but a few weeks ago I shared on Instagram that I was LOVING this Reebok Pure Movement sports bra! And because I’ve been working out more and more, this bra been nothing short of AMAZING ever since!

(*Special thanks to Amazon Fashion and Reebok for sponsoring this post.)

For most of my life I carry much of my excess weight in my thighs and booty, so running helps me specifically shed the weight. Its been my all time favorite way to increase my cardio.

Most bras would always leave me feeling less secure during my workout- this bra does not! Say goodbye to NEVER having your ta-tas jiggle during a run, jog, or any workout session ever again!

The Reebok Pure Movement bra has mastered the fit of helping making the woman feel comfortable with its sleek contour design as it supports and adjusts to your agility.

It’s been the perfect addition to my workout gear arsenal.

Find yours HERE and let me know what you think. All sizes are available. (#AD)

(For reference: I’m 5’9″ in a size L)


Thanks for reading!



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