Summer Romper Love

Happy Tuesday guys!

Summer is basically here to stay! Thank goodness. It took so long.

So now it’s time to start shedding those unnecessary layers by dressing cooler.

Which brings me into my love for a fabulous romper. Why? Because they’re comfortable, functional and can be very chic.

Rompers aka “play suits” are easy & no fuss- just slip on a go. If you’re not into sundresses, rompers would be my go-to suggestion for you. This particular one I’m wearing I found at Marshalls for only $16.99.


It’s in a fun striped pattern, it’s 100% cotton- so it’s breathable, and it features pockets. Yes, POCKETS!! Who doesn’t love a dress or a romper with pockets?! Trust me, its the best thing ever!

I would wear a romper when I know there’s going to be a lot of activity happening – I.e. a hot summer day at the park or (in this case) heading to lunch with hubby.

I literally just tossed on my white Zara blazer for contrast, my favorite clear Perspex sandals and PVC bag then headed out the door…

I swear, I find that when you’re not looking for something is when you come across a deal? I went to Marshalls looking  restock my candle collection and came out with more goodies LOL!.

(If you shop at Target, then you know what I’m talking about lol!)

So when was the last time you were in Marshalls or TJ Maxx and came out with an unexpected goodie?

Please share I wanna know!

Thanks for reading!



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