All About Charleston : Girls Trip

Let me just start off by saying that Charleston, SC is absolutely beautiful!

(As I knew it would be.)

It exceeded all of my expectations from the moment of arrival until departure.

I suggested this trip to my best friend back in March as a potential option for a ‘Girls Weekend’. Charleston, SC is super close to Philly and NJ. And it received great reviews as a fun town on ‘Travel & Leisure 2017’. So why not!

I also figured it would give us both a break from our crazy hectic schedules for a few days of enjoying each other’s company and soaking up some southern fun. Mind you, we’ve NEVER travelled together and we’ve been BFFs for almost 14 years.

We were able to book this trip months in advance, make reservations at great spots to eat, and locate some historical sights for a 4 day trip.

We stayed at the HYATT Historic District in Downtown Charleston which was perfect! It’s located right on King Street. Down the street from all the restaurants, shops, stunning architecture and great people watching. King Street literally has all the excitement.

Harleston Village is not too far either. I wandered around that area and was still overtaken by how clean and pristine the area was.

Lets move on to the FLIGHT, FOOD, and FUN!

Flight/ Airfare:

$197 roundtrip (PHL -> CHS)

TIP: Book in advance!

We booked in March and scored a great price. We flew on Frontier Air and the flight was great. Frontier just opened a route to Charleston during that time so I took it as a sign. Typically during the week, departure prices are cheaper so I suggest booking then opposed to a weekend day.

Other major airlines (AA, United, Southwest) always flew to CHS, but was very expensive. With Frontier we stayed within budget which was perfect!

‘Google Flights is also a great resource if you want to just compare prices for the time frame you’re thinking of. (This is with any trip!) You simply google the city you’re and the area you want to travel to, the search engine will convert and show you the price options.

(I’m already thinking of going back in the Fall- Sept/Oct and I saw tickets are low as $141 round.)


When we indulged!

After visiting Charleston, there is no doubt that it is known for its historic charm and vibrant contemporary arts scene…


I HIGHLY recommend you try these places,  because we had a blast:

The Darling Oyster Bar: Delicious Shrimp Cocktail

Oak Steakhouse: BEST burger & Truffle Parmesan Fries ever!

Halls Chophouse (Dinner & Gospel Brunch): Known for their Steak, Lobster Mac & Cheese, Calamari, Seafood Tower. Signature drink: 424 

Juanita Greenbergs: Blackened Shrimp tacos & Frozen Margaritas, Chips, Guac dip  

Five Loaves CAFE: Chicken SALAD Club (all natural), lobster bisque tomato soup, iced tea

Sugar Bakeshop: the cutest bakeshop

The Watch Rooftop Kitchen : COCKTAILS, COCKTAILS, COCKTAILS!! – young professional crowd.  

Pavilion Bar- Charleston’s Premier Rooftop:  COCKTAILS, COCKTAILS, COCKTAILS- pool with a gorgeous view of the river!! 

All restaurants are located within walking distance from our hotel on King Street.


We basically got out and walked the town! After having breakfast we’d plan where we would go for the day.

Charleston has so much local beauty. The area is walking friendly (except for it being EXTREMELY HUMID) so you’ll be able to take pictures of historical churches and monuments within the area.

I really wanted to see Rainbow Row, so we decided to rent bikes for a few hours and ride about.

Bike Riding: $15 (rental for 5 hours)

Doing this allowed to see Battery Park, Colonial Lake Park, and a ride through Harleston Village to Rainbow Row.

It was definitely eventful and SUPER HOT! I was drenched in sweat!

Keep in mind, you are in the south, so if  you’re not ready for humid, muggy weather- Charleston during the summer month may not be for you.  

We also had a chance to visit South Carolina Aquarium, which was cute idea for a last day visit as well. We scored complimentary tickets, so it was a no-brainer to go.

oh and don’t forget the ‘Booze Truck’! This is a stand alone truck that sells Alcohol flavored ice pops to keep you cool and get you in the mood for cocktails! Its a genius idea! The one we went to was located on King Street! You cant miss it, the guy is grooving to all 70s soul music! LOL!

All in all I had a WONDERFUL trip!

I plan to go back in October for round 2! So stay tuned for that because there were some areas that I left unchecked until then- like, Charleston City Market (great for indoor/ outdoor stalls of clothing & crafts), Charleston City Hall, Magnolia Plantation, Boone Hall and Antebellum Homes just to name a few.

I hope this post was super helpful, as I tried to give you places to see and eat. Charleston is perfect just to take in the scenery and hospitality of the people. We were accommodated last  minute for two restaurants with no fuss on busy nights. So this town gets an A+ in my book.

Visit Charleston, SC! You wont be disappointed!

Check out my insta-stories for more of my whereabouts during the trip if you want to see where I landmarked.


thanks for reading!



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