Rejuvenating My Skin

Ya girl’s skin has been in quite the uproar for the past few months!!

 I’ve been really strategic with what I’ve been applying to my face- adhering to a new regimen. And I’m so pleased.

I first noticed how unhappy I was becoming with the texture of my skin- yes, texture.

I was developing a lot of large pores and mild pimple break outs despite (what I thought were good habits) me cleaning my face day in AM, occasional mask treatments and moisturizing. Apparently not!

Furthermore, I also took into the acct that my diet was subpar and I was in love with my  large coffees during high stress moments- loaded with Splenda.

My skin was feeling the affects lol!

Since I was a nurse in Dermatology for some time I knew the benefits of adding certain treatments when the skin called for it. And judging by what I was experiencing I knew I was in need of RETINOL. Retinol can be delivered topically in a cream or a serum based treatment.

Let me tell you about Retinol girrrrrrl…

Retinol can fade age spots, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and make skin smoother. It can help control acne and skin oil production, and even help make your pores appear smaller.

Basically I needed ALL OF THISSSSSSSS!!

It would help to know what your skin type is : OILY or DRY.

I have oily skin so I chose a serum to add for day.

NOTE: Most serums are water-based and tend to contain higher concentrations of the “active” ingredients. In addition, they’re light to the touch and rarely leave a residue, or sticky feeling. Serums are great for oily or acne-prone skin.

After adding this serum to my regimen for about two weeks straight, I began to notice a shrink in my pores. HALLELUJAH!! Not tremendously, but noticeably.

And while the pimples are still there, the occurrences are fewer which I can attribute to watching what I’m eating and curbing the sweets.

As we age, our skin changes and it doesn’t hurt to try new products.

But do the research FIRST!

I hope I shed some light on what benefits of adding a retinol to your regimen could do…

Again, its not for everybody.

And honestly, it wasn’t for me, up until recently.

So thanks for reading!



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