A Highly-Curated Escape

Happy Tuesday style friends!

A few days ago I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to take off from work and stay at the Lokal Hotel  in Old City Philadelphia to kick off my staycation weekend.

It was amazing! I enjoyed every bit of it.

Some times a staycation is needed. YOU NEED TO UNPLUGGGGGGGG!!!

I asked myself, ‘Self, When was the last time you had a staycation?’ …its been too damn long, that’s how long! LOL

So at that point, I knew that I would want to schedule a massage, chose a nice place to stay, and just be lazy for a few days. Mimicking all the things I would do if I were to travel afar but only I’m local.

Courtney and Chad, owners of the Lokal Hotel were beyond generous to offer me a complimentary overnight stay at their hotel.

Staying at the Lokal Hotel was very befitting being as though it is a boutique hotel and I didn’t want the “fuss” of a larger hotel. The four-story hotel features just six units, outfitted with modern furniture and industrial finishes and is designed for both long-term and short-term stays.

When you’re there, you can thank Jersey Ice Cream Co. an interior design company who added all the unique touches to each room.

They are considered an “invisible service” hotel which simply means that there wasn’t a concierge manning the front desk. There wasn’t a front desk actually. You will gain access from a personalized PIN entry and exit. I LOVED THAT!

My hubby thought the experience was cool and he loved the bathroom design!

So imagine an AirBnB, only you’re not renting out someone’s apartment or home. Yet, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the same offerings, including a full kitchen, in-unit laundry, and living space. 

So as you can tell, my stay at the Lokal Hotel was superb. I felt right at home. It was like I had my own apartment to relax, read, and unwind in for the night and if I chose to- entertain in as well.

If you are looking for a place to stay with a feel that is right at home, Stay Lokal.

After checking out of the Lokal Hotel, I was able to enjoy a mani/pedi at Omnia Nail Spa and a Swedish massage at Massage Envy.

I find that when I focus on selfcare and my mental health I am an extremely positive and centered person. Take the time to schedule a spa day, massage, or whatever you can to do some self inventory.

It helps.

Here are my TOP FIVE reasons why you should do a staycation:

  1. It’s a chance to knowingly UNplug / disconnect.
  2. It re-establishes a bond (with your life and your mate) that can get lost in the day to day life.
  3.  It helps you uncover some hidden gems that are close by.
  4. It’ll re-ignite your love for where you live.
  5. You get all of the fun of planning and enjoying a vacation, without the added HEADACHE and expenses of travel!! Save your coins!

I hope that my post inspires you to schedule your very own staycation for a little reboot.

You can thank me later when you see what I’m talking about.

So tell me, when are you booking your next staycation??

Thanks for so much for reading!



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