Baker Boy Vibe

This adorable baker boy hat can be found here!

Shooting on this day was incredibly windy and annoying! But thankfully I was with my girl Jasmine who made the brisk, chilly winds worth bearing for these shots!

I tell ya, get you a friend who knows how to shoot and goof off too.

Anyway, I decided to give this baker Boy hat trend a try. I plopped it on with a blazer and jeans, and I think it turned out cute.

I wouldn’t say hats are my thing generally because I have a rather large head lol!

But I knew I would eventually have to try it out, glad  I did. Hats are so versatile. And when you have a lazy moment, why not let the hat be cute and chic? Hahahaa!

Well I hope you all are having a pretty decent Monday.

Mine got off to a very ROCKY start as I was forced into satisfying a large bill when I didn’t want to, but I’m grateful I had the money to do so.

If you haven’t heard this before-  Its so important to save guys! If you can, put money away as much as possible because we can all be hit with unforeseen expenses and it’s no laughing matter when you can’t pay.


Thanks for reading!



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