Coffee Run to La Colombe…


Hi guys!

So I’m coming back with another café that I’m loving here in Philly.

If you haven’t heard of La Colombe Coffee Roasters– you’re missing out! This place is amazing! I was in the mood for a cup so I had hubby tag along to capture some photos.

I mean I just can’t get enough of the aesthetic! Simply stunning! It’s like you’ll be sipping your favorite iced coffee in a factory-constructed coffeehouse. Basically, from the open floor plan: you’ll see graffiti adorned walls, exposed brick, beautiful flooring all while listening to hip music – even the menu is handwritten on chalk board and the countertop is a gorgeous white marble.

All in all, you’ll find an artsy but edgy oasis to chill in and enjoy.

This place is anything BUT a normal café.

Although this café gets packed fast, you can still seek out cute little wooden tables for a laptop sesh or grab a booth that’s tucked away for an intimate conversation with a pal.

The menu is super affordable if you’re looking for a quick bite as well. All the locals in Fishtown come for the coffee and sandwich- duh! LOL!

P.S. the have a brew on the menu called the “White Russian” which considered their strongest brew! …I haven’t tried it but judging from the name it will be heavily caffeinated.

La Colombe’s flagship is the Fishtown location, as they call it their “ancestral home”. With locations popping up all around the US, I’d say for the aesthetic appeal alone you should check one out.

I can’t wait to visit more once the Spring and Summer weather hits, it’ll make for the cutest coffee dates.

Thanks for reading!



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