Reasons to Love New Balance


So recently I shared a ‘How To Style: New Balance Trainers’ to my Instastory as inspiration and it received a great response. So here is a blog post sharing MORE LOOKS for ya! It seems as though many of you are into New Balances as much as I am!

Guys, I love this Boston-based brand so much! And its been for years…since I can remember I’ve been wearing NB.

So I figured I share with you my love for the brand.

I gathered a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest, hence all the features photos.

Here are four reasons why I ABSOLUTELY love New Balance:


The Arch support:

Since I have a high arch, these trainers fall right in line with added support because being on my feet at work can be cumbersome at times. Any activity that requires being on your feet for long periods of time- these will be perfect for you!

New Balance is world known for their arch support.

Fun Fact: The name “New Balance” actually comes from founder William Riley observing chickens in his backyard, and how a three-toed foot best supported a body. In turn, the brand would produce arch supports with three prongs on them based off Riley’s observation. To him, this was the “new balance.”


Comfort level: 10


Style & Color Combination:

The New Balance brand features several different style of trainer in their line.

to name a few: 501, 420, 574…

I’m pretty sure there’s a color and style you’d love. You just have to search the brand. Plus, some are special edition and are only available on their site, while others can be sold on secondary retailers sites.

I bought several pairs sold at Nordstrom and ASOS.

My favorite styles are the ‘574’ and ‘420’.



As seen by the photos, you can get an idea of how versatile this trainer is. I’ve only featured casual style photos, but this brand is a very effective sporting shoe as well. Amazing for running and outdoor sports.


Price Point:

If you’re looking for a stylish trainer that wont break the bank and will still offer that chic, effortless style- choose New Balance!

I guarantee you wont be disappointed!! I love pairing this sneaker with distressed denim and a white tee- you cant get anymore effortless than that. I still manage to look put together.

 And more times than not, you can always find a pair on sale. I recommend choosing a STRIKING COLOR for an eye catching look, because why not! LOL!

 Check out Journey’s & Nordstrom for the latest styles if interested!


Thanks for taking the time to read!



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