Relaxed & Chic

Universal Thread for Target ‘Cadori’ sneakers

Hey guys!

I don’t know about you but for me, lately, I can feel my style evolving into a more relaxed & chic aesthetic. I’ve been trying to ignore it, but I’ve decided not to anymore lol. Don’t get me wrong now, I’ll still throw on a pretty dress and heels – that combo will always make my heart skip a beat. But as of recent, pass me a pair of simple flats or a comfy pair of trainers w/ a cute bag and I’m your girl..

So same goes for this look.

I’m wearing this designer inspired ZARA cardigan which I LOOOOOOVE, over a plain white T-shirt from H&M, cropped jeans and my comfy sneakers.

What I love best keeping an outfit simple is that if you decided to glam it up for a night out, all you had to do is switch out your sneakers (like me) for a cute pump or sandal… ditch the cardigan for something cute and edge like a leather Moto jacket. This is what I mean by “keeping it relaxed & chic”.

Unfortunately, this Zara cardigan sold out with the quickness!

(Because it’s so similar to the Gucci version but without the $1,800 price tag.)

And I probably would’ve missed out on it my darn self if it weren’t for me being such a persistent little stalker! I tracked it down in NYC, in a size Medium.

*insert happy twerk here!*

I opted for the ‘Buy & Ship’ method. It was shipped directly to me in no time because I’m close by in Philly.

Listen y’all, I HIGHLY suggest calling the store in the event you see something online and it becomes sold out or your size is gone. Nine times out of ten they may have it at another location & all you have to do is just pay over the phone. They’ll have it shipped to you, and like magic- problem solved!

So I hope you guys enjoyed this recent observation I’ve made about my style journey. And in that, understanding that’s it’s ok to realize that as we grow, we purge/ get rid of certain styles as a reflection of our evolvement.

And as for me, I say it’s okay to enjoy luxury, high-street fashion, and Target all in one. Social media will have a girl losing her mind thinking her closet should be filled with ALL designer items, when in fact, that’s NOT reality!! It’s not mine at least lol! The way my mortgage is set up… lol!…

As you guys have seen, I just love sharing my affordable finds with you guys. I feel like we can ALL be winning at Forever21, Zara and Targetand I’ll continue to show how I do it!

(Sneakers Here)

(I love these too here)

Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “Relaxed & Chic

  1. LOVE that you’ve accepted your true style aesthetic. It’s always good to realize that when you stop going against the grain, things just seem to flow better. Love the cardigan!

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