Brown Girl Jump

It’s really true what they say- when you have a feeling that you need to do something.. DO IT!!

So I decided to take a chance on myself guys and reveal a mission I have.

Its called ‘The Brown Girl Union’

I’ve been silently sitting on this for monthssss and I finally decided to share it with the world the other day. Let me tell y’all, it WAS SO SCARY and nerve-wrecking. Not knowing how it’ll be received was the biggest hurdle of them all.

There’s always anxiety in the unknown, but sometimes you have to just say F- IT and jump!

So when I woke up I said F* it, LETS SHARE THIS!

Let me repeatttttttttttt:

If there’s something on your heart that you’ve been wanting to do or try- DO IT! Take the chance, JUMPPPPPPPPPPP!

You only have ONE LIFE to try!

So far the response has been very overwhelming. I’m so grateful to see that there’s so many of my own readers who support me in seeing there’s a true void in positive, tangible influences for our young girls.

So Follow @thebrowngirlunion on Instagram.

I’ll be posting there soon enough.

You’ll be able to read all about my mission and plan for this organization soon in a separate post. ❤

Thanks so much for reading and supporting!



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