It’s time to sparkle!


Its finally that time of the year where we are heading from party to party to celebrate all the festivities.

For me, personally, I love making a statement during the holidays. And this year I chose sequins as the way to go! And guess what, this little sparkler from Boohoo came right in handy. It was originally priced at $97.00, but I grabbed it for $45.00 on Black Friday from ASOS. I love ASOS because they carry a lot of my favorite european brands that I love which I can get on my 2 day shipping plan.

But most of their pieces are sold direct on their site as well. This particular wrap dress is SOLD OUT unfortunately. The quality and craftsmanship of the dress has left me in awe. It has a nice heavy weight to it, so I knew right off the bat that the sequins used to make the dress were top notch. Plus its lined, another score! Trust me, once you find a dress that speaks volumes like this one, you don’t wanna let it go.


So, are you team sequin like me?? Or is it too flashy for your holiday plans.

Anyhoo, I’ve linked my favorite dresses down below for ya!



Club L

Charlotte Russe


Thanks for reading!



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