Find Your Girl Gang

Your vibe truly attracts your hive🌱 

In life I feel like we are forever evolving and our interests are always growing. It’s human nature. 
And since starting my blog this year, I’ve crossed paths with some pretty cool ladies! 

And thanks to the @bumblebff App 🐝 that circle hasn’t stopped growing since. @bumblebff 🐝has made it super fun & easy for me to connect with some fabulous, likeminded ladies who share my similar obsessions! Just after a few swipes I was matched with a ton of girls who shared my love for style, traveling, decor and nursing medicine- all of them ready to add to their own girl gang! And right in my local area🏡! Hello, can we say BONUS! I basically consider my hubby and I “implants” who are now living a “suburban” life. So the void for building my girl hive was there! Mission accomplished ✨👌🏾

Throughout this entire enjoyable experience using the @bumblebff App I’ve been able to connect and meet new friends to add to my team. Truth be told, I used to avoid making new friends as an adult thinking it would be awkward and probably a short-lived exchange, but with using @bumblebff I was proved very wrong. I’ve met some true gems.🌸🌱 

Download here: BUMBLE APP 

Just wait until you see the awesome ladies you’ll  connect with! 

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2 thoughts on “Find Your Girl Gang

  1. Awww that’s so wonderful! I’m glad you’ve found some genuine women that share similar interests as you. I’ve never really had a girl hive, so I can only imagine how empowering that must be.

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    1. Yessss girl!!
      Check it out! It’s truly an amazing idea and cool app! I really enjoy it. It will link you with other girls in your surrounding area for you to connect with. You message one another to get the conversation going😌♥️


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