The Classic Necessity

The trench coat is a MUST HAVE for Spring, but an even more necessity for every day girl style. PERIODT!

Certain items you can’t skimp on having in your wardrobe.

I found this one at H&M for $34.99.

It’s a new arrival and available in stores now!

I want all of my girl tribe to search and add one to the their wardrobe.

This one in particular is lightweight, so I don’t anticipate wearing this in the Fall / Winter. However, If that’s your goal, then I suggest searching for a trenchcoat that has a liner. ‘London Fog’ has excellent options for this feature.

I also recommend going to your local vintage or thrift store for a classic trenchcoat for cheap. They should have tons of options. You’d be surprised at what people throw away! — That was going to be my go-to places to search but I found this one without even looking. Talk about good timing! Okurr!

So now I’m obsessed.

For this “look” I sized UP to a Large for it to fit oversized.

And guess what? it worked out perfectly!


Listen, It’s something about wearing a garment oversized. To ups the chic factor!

Sunnies: FENDI/ MOM jeans: ASOS /shoes: JCREW/ bag: YSL

top & Coat: H&M

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This trench isn’t available online yet…sorry boo!

But check your local H&M, please!

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Thanks for reading!



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