A Chill Weekender

The weekend should be chill with no schedules or obligations. In my opinion, If you CHOOSE to do something during your weekend, it should not ever be by force. If I feel forced, the odds are I’m not NOT doing it!!

That’s my way of thinking these days.


Let me just say my love for a weekend tote is huge to say the least.

The one I’m using is from Forever21, but there’s great options all over the net right now.

(Madewell & Longchamp has chic options!)

Using a weekender bag has major benefits over a regular tote because it keeps you organized and together in your short trip plan- which can quickly turn messy lol! (At least for me)

Anyhoo, this is a short post. I just wanted to pop on here and tell you guys about having a weekender in your wardrobe to stay chic while traveling.

I’ve linked some cute weekenders to this post for you to check out ☺️




Thanks for reading!



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