So have you ever been to a place where you can customize your pizza in a ‘chipotle’ style add-on system? I haven’t, until I was invited to check out &Pizza here in downtown Philly on Sunday.

It was freezing out, but I made it!

I invited my other blogger pal as well to join me – Jasmine of HafuCurls

So lets chat about the details of this restaurant.

You can basically customize any toppings you want added which is BRILLIANT if you have a gluten OR lactose intolerance; or want vegan options. You can basically still enjoy a “cheat meal” with your favorite ingredients. Plus, their naturally made soda was also yummy!

Each pie starts with a traditional, multigrain, or whole wheat dough; from there the choices become increasingly more eclectic. TRUST ME, the ‘Lori Lane’ was delicious!!

And if you love sweets, their dessert pizzas are divine! Lets just say Nutella is used…

The ingredients are fresh and locally sourced.


Low prices, late hours, and, thankfully, excellent pies served quickly!

You will NOT be disappointed by visiting this amazing, new concept for EVERYONE’S first love- PIZZA!

Click the link to check their menu and locations:


Thanks for reading!



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