Dressed & Casual

Vince Camuto ‘CARLOTTE’ pumps
Wool cape: Zara /// Mules: Steve Madden


Hi ladies!

In this post I’m wearing this waist bag two ways.

One with heels for a dressy casual look, then with mule flats and a wool cape for a more relaxed day look.

I’m obsessed with this Forever 21 waist bag guys!

And If you’ve seen the Gucci version then you’ll be able to recognize the close similarity …almost identical- even down to the chevron design.

Although I don’t mind a great splurge on an investment piece such as a fabulous designer bag, I couldn’t bring myself to spend $950 on a Gucci waist bag. It’s a another fleeting trend and I would hate to not get my monies worth. Honestly, I don’t see myself always wearing this piece enough to spend close to a grand for one.

However, when I came across version browsing my local Forever 21 and noticed the design, I snagged it! Its listed at $15.90 which is an amazing price point.

{I have been thoroughly impressed with Forever 21 recently. Their products have been stepped up. I think i’ve mentioned that before. I don’t know if they’re vendors have changed, but they’re doing something right 🙂 }

Anyway, what trends are you into this fall & winter season?

I’m loving alllllll things faux fur, waist bags (obviously) and red lips.

I’m currently jotting down my 2018 goals. Have you started yet?

What do you plan to accomplish? What relationships do you plan to invest more in or dissolve? What places are planning to travel to? What books do you plan on reading?- have you set a goal?

…these are just some of the questions that are currently on my mind.

Happy Monday!

Thanks for reading!



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