A New Day™ x Target 

Target better come through, because I found a gem!! 🔥

Hey guys! 

I had to step in and share with you guys how amazing this check blazer from Target is! 

I’m sure you all know about this trend right now and how super popular it is. And I can tell you little as to why. 

(INFO: Tartans, plaids and checked patterns are some of the most widely recognized and versatile textile designs in the world. These classic patterns have been popular throughout history, across cultures, and continue to be staples in both fashion and interior design.  

Tartans, plaids and checks are all comprised of horizontal and vertical stripes. They intersect one another at 90 degree angles creating a grid-like pattern. 

Check patterns are simpler than plaids. They generally consist of two alternating colors, but not always. Checkered patterns are symmetrical, consisting of crossed horizontal and vertical lines that form equal sized squares. Each line is intersected by the same kind of line in equal intervals and widths.) 

Now that I’ve given a little history… on to the deets about the blazer! 

It’s a feature from their new in-house brand ‘A New Day™’ and I love it! It’s super comfortable and most importantly, affordable at $34.99. 

I was asked by my fellow blogger babe Tanika of (@alwayzfashionablylate) to do a collab on ‘How To Style’ this piece two ways. 

(Check her out! I adore her style!) 

Firstly, I sized up with this blazer. I wanted to give that casual, oversized feel. 

(I suggest you do too if that’s the look you’re going for.) 

As for over all aesthetic, I simply glammed this baby up wth details of leather and sparkle. All while still giving relaxed vibes with my favorite oversized white T-shirt from H&M. 

Listen, This blazer won’t have you break the bank. We can’t have that! LOL! 

So, It’s cheaper than the super popular high-street version from Zara. Honestly, I was contemplating that option, until I found this one! Hallelujah! …Glad I took the slightly cheaper route. (Because there’s some boots on ya girl’s wishlist right now I need to be saving for!) Sometimes you have to stay within budget but can still be FIERCE!! 

Get yours here:  


Thanks for reading! 



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