Trusting the Process

Sometimes it’s hard to take a back seat and let life take its course. But we’re human and we get angry and upset because things are not going our way.  Especially living in such a society where everything is instantaneous- it’s hard to not expect things right away. But pray.

Fear and faith don’t go together. Pray on it and keep it moving. I pray a lot and it’s saved me from making a lot of rash decisions.

So I’m a firm believer of the process, of each trial and course.

Appreciate all things seen and unseen. Trust that things will work in your favor. FAITH. Because at the end of the day we must TRY, sit back, pray and let things be. All awhile remembering, that good things come in time.

(Dress: Missguided Gingham Frill Sash Dress ||Shoes: Charlotte Russe similar here || Bag: Marshalls similar here)

This dress is super lightweight and perfect for the summer days. Its effortless!! All the details will provide enough compliments 🙂

And the price is amazing.

Thanks for reading💋


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