How to Style: Ruffles & Denim

I just have to share this ruffled button down blouse I JUST bought from H&M. It’s seriously the prettiest top I own in my spring wardrobe so far!! Since ruffles are all the rave this season, as soon as I saw this I had to have it. It’s from the ‘H&M premium’ line so the price point was $49.99. Which I didn’t mind spending knowing I would be wearing this for seasons to come. (think: INVESTMENT!)

Moreover, Since it’s a statement piece, I paired it with a pair of frayed-hem denim jeans and kept the jewelry minimal. In my opinion, when accessorizing a statement clothing piece, try to let that item be the focus, while toning down all other aspects of the outfit. Hence, the minimalist sandals and small pearled earrings I’m wearing. I did, however, decide on my cherry-red Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag to add a bit of edge and to break up the feminity of this look.

So please check the blouse out Here!!

And a similar Balenciaga Here!!

Sunglasses – Dior Sideral 2 HERE!!

The only downfall to the blouse is since it’s pure cotton, the wrinkle factor is on 100…

Happy Saturday & Thanks for reading!💋


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