“Style is primarily a matter of instinct.”




Is there something people compliment you on? Either it being your amazingly toned arms or fabulous legs- wearing clothes that will play up your best assets will always look stylish, no matter what is currently trendy.

Blanket Scarf-ZARA  // Leather moto- Morgan De Toi // Faux Fur vest- Nordstrom // Sunglasses- Amazon

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Determining if you have a minimalist, classic, or retro approach to style will remind you that you’ll always need some aesthetic references to inspire and help you turn your every appearance into a style statement.

(I usually keep my palette quite basic and focus on my accessories and footwear to bring my casual outfits together.)

ALERT!!: PLEASE know you don’t need to spend a fortune to be fashionable, nor should you invest only in designer clothes to be considered a true fashionista. You can be chic without spending lots of money.

Check my ‘Shops I Love’ list for affordable online boutiques I frequent daily.

Some of the poorest girls in the room are usually the most stylish, remember that!!

 I’ve linked some cute fashionable pieces from Polyvore to get your wheels turning as we transition into the Spring 2017 season.

  • Subscribe to newsletters from online shopping sites via email or follow your favs on social media for sale alerts. (I’m Subbed to a ton!)
  • Take the time to shop in…your OWN closet. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t.
  • Visit your local thrift/vintage shop (I have a few blazers that I scored and will never get rid of.)

Thanks for reading xo!


4 thoughts on ““Style is primarily a matter of instinct.”

  1. This is very informative especially since I’m a mommy on a budget but I do still like to look nice! I like that you stated that being a fashionista isn’t always about the fortune we spend.


    1. Hello Queens, I’m loving this blog. This blog among Nikki ‘s page will be my nightly reads once the big boy is knocked out. Then I can indulge 🤗 I’m all about the budget and let the Confidence flow with it👠

      Liked by 2 people

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